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About Us
About The Movies5: Video Organizer

The Movies database has gone through 5 iterations in so many years.
It was born out of the need to have a database to keep a running list
of a growing movie collection which now exceeds 2200 films.

Additionally, numerous friends found this tool very helpful which forced
the database to have accounts with separated movie lists. All very nice
Also, these friends wanted to have children and spouse access to their
movies lists, so this created a group ID for their family.

Additionally as the product grew, we found it useful to do a proper thing
for cell phone usage. If we were in a store and wanted to buy a movie, it
would be so nice to be able to bring the movie list up on a phone and show
the title, year, type (br, dvd, vhs) so our immense collection would not
grow with unnecessary duplicates.

Many additional features kept being added to be able to use the product for
finding genre's, 3D, Spanish Language SAP, Colorized, favorites,...

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